About our National Health Care Practice

             U.S. Capitol BuildingMany of our friends and clients view us as a Wisconsin Law Firm.  Our health care practice expands well beyond the state of Wisconsin.  We are often brought into health care projects, such as provider integration and compliance program development and review in other parts of the country.  Under our rules of conduct, we are able to work with local counsel to bring our health care law expertise to a project, even when the project is in a state in which we are not licensed to practice law.  We have worked on a national basis on projects such as physician/hospital organization development, physician integration, compliance program development and assessment, and a variety of other health law issues.

We have also developed relationships with other law firms to provide support to us in certain micro-niche areas of health care law.  In addition to filling in areas of expertise that we do not have, such as in the white collar criminal area, these relationships give us “boots on the ground” in all of the major cities including Washington, D.C.   We are able to tune into legislative developments on the national level and in many states that may have an effect on our health care clients.

We are able to bring the national expertise and resources that we have developed through our affiliations back to benefit our clients in the state of Wisconsin.  This enables our provider clients in Eau Claire, Wausau, Green Bay, Appleton and other areas to take advantage of national level resources provided on a local level.