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Badger Bounce Back Plan – COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

The Wisconsin DHS has issued a Badger Bounce Back Plan. The plan identifies steps and criteria to guide the reopening of health care and other services in the state.

The Badger Bounce Back Plan identifies 6 areas where COVID-19 will be “boxed in” under the plan.  These areas include

(i) symptoms; showing a downward trajectory in illnesses of a 14-day period;

(ii) cases, fewer and fewer positive tests over a  14-day period;

(iii) health care system; hospitals can treat patients without “crisis care” and there is robust testing;

(iv) testing; every Wisconsin resident with systems is able to get lab tests with results reported to public health within 48 hours of collection;

(v) contact tracing; every individual who tests positive is interviewed within 24 hours and their contacts are interviewed within 48 hours; and

(vi) protective equipment; all health care and public safety entities must have adequate protective equipment.