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Wisconsin Healthcare Attorneys Employment Contracting Issues

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Wisconsin Health Care Employment Contract Attorneys

Physicians who are contemplating joining a medical practice or health system need to carefully consider the terms of their employment agreement. Likewise, physician groups need to carefully plan the structure of the relationship between the various members of the group.  In each case, a carefully considered employment agreement is one of the primary components.  The physician employment contract will normally outline the general terms of the physician’s duties, payment of base and bonus compensation, scheduling issues, call coverage requirements, restrictive covenants, and a variety of other issues.  An appropriately crafted employment contract will help define the relationship and set the expectations going forward.  This will help reduce the chance that disputes will arise between the parties due to differing expectations.

We are Wisconsin attorneys who have significant background in health care and other legal issues involved in negotiating, drafting and assisting providers in a variety of healthcare contracting issues.  Health care contracts raise a variety of Federal and state regulatory issues and it is crucial that the attorney assisting in these matters understands the impact of these laws. Failure to comply with Federal laws, such as the Stark Law, can lead to regulatory violations and related penalties.  Wisconsin has unique laws that are applicable to a number of issues such as the enforceability of restrictive covenants.  Wisconsin law issues can create a minefield of potential errors that can be created by providers who attempts to create their own agreement or attorneys who are not up to speed on the application of these laws to physician contracts in Wisconsin.

We have prepared and advised both employees and employers with respect to health care employment and related agreements covering a wide range of provider types and employment scenarios.  Just some of these areas include:

Group Contracts with new hire physicians
Partnership and shareholder agreements and compensation structures
Health care system employment agreements
Hospital-based physician agreements
Medical director and administrative agreements
Production-based compensation agreements
Hospital service line management agreements
Integrated physician group agreements
Practice mergers
Executive employment agreements
Group practice structure
Part-time employment agreements

We also assist physicians and groups in connection with practice separations.  We can analyze employment and other relevant agreements to determine whether a physician who wishes to leave a group or a health care system can do so without restriction.  We can also negotiate the terms of departure.  We also routinuely assist provider groups in issues involving the departure of employed physicians and other providers including enforcement of restrictive covenants and other issues that arise upon termination.

If you require assistance from a Wisconsin attorney in connection with any health care related matter, feel free to contact a member of our health care industry focus group.