Health Care Fraud and Abuse Prevention and Defense

Fraud and abuse is an area where we see significant future growth.  There has been a great deal of discussion regarding health care fraud and the savings that can be achieved through increased governmental scrutiny.  As a result, we expect increased governmental activity in this area.

We prefer to take a proactive view towards fraud and abuse prevention and counsel our clients on how to best achieve compliance.  The first line of defense against fraud and abuse claims is the establishment and operation of an effective compliance program.  We are experienced in developing and operating these programs and assisting clients in meeting their responsibilities to avoid health care fraud and abuse.  In the event that the operation of a compliance program uncovers improper billings or fee arrangements, we can assist clients in self-disclosing these items to the government and working out arrangements to defer further governmental actions.

Governmental investigations often lead to civil or criminal prosecutions which can be based on broad or incorrect interpretation of often complex and contradictory legal requirements.  In the unfortunate event that a client is are investigated or prosecuted, we can provide a team of qualified and knowledgeable attorneys to appropriately address the claim and defend civil or criminal prosecution.  We are able to guide clients through the process involved with governmental enforcements and can also assist in working out Corporate Integrity Agreements or other diversion from prosecution or civil enforcement.