Information Technology In Health Care

The relationship between information technology and health care law is fast growing.  We have a depth of understanding in the interaction between these areas of the law. We provide legal and business advice to both health care providers and information technology providers.  We help providers navigate the fast-changing area of patient privacy and the requirements under HIPAA and the technological aspects that come with their responsibilities under this developing area of the law.

Whether the issue is licensing new software, procuring hardware, implementing medical record systems and e-prescribing, electronic information sharing, or technologically monitoring results or quality, we are able to address the needs of health care providers in a knowledgeable and proactive manner.

Where more depth of knowledge is required in the intellectual property, venture financing, business transaction, securities, and corporate law areas, our health care lawyers have a broad range of additional resources to call upon within the firm.

Areas we can assist clients in the health care information technology arena include:

  • HIPAA and patient confidentiality issues
  • Creation and operation of compliance programs
  • Breach reporting and policy enforcement
  • E-prescribing issues
  • Electronic medical record exchanges
  • Negotiation and preparation of software licensing arrangements
  • Development and operation of health care social networking
  • Securing protection for proprietary products and information