Integrated Delivery System Development

Health care integration is once again in the forefront due to the passage of health care reform legislation and the resulting change in the reimbursement paradigm toward a shared savings model and models that require health care provider organizations to share risk.  Our attorneys have substantial experience in the corporate, contractual, and legal issues that apply to the creation of all levels of integrated delivery systems.  Our experience in this area dates back to the early 1990s with the initial move towards integration.

Our attorneys have been involved in the creation of a wide variety of independent practice associations, from single specialty IPAs through multidisciplinary IPAs.  We have been involved in the creation of physician/hospital organizations, group practices without walls, and single and multispecialty groups.  We have also assisted hospitals and health care systems with acquiring and employing physicians with the objective of creating fully integrated health care delivery systems.

Our practice in this area has required us to remain current on the various legal requirements that are applicable to provider integration.  Some areas of particular relevance include state and federal antitrust laws, self-referral and anti-kickback laws, Medicare reimbursement, and tax laws affecting the status of exempt organizations.