Ruder Ware has been at the forefront of the telehealth system of delivering health care services. Several firm clients have adopted formal telehealth programs and regularly utilize technological solutions to provide patient care and related services. The firm is well positioned to continue to expand its practice in the telemedicine area as some of the regulations that have historically limited the expansion of telehealth are adjusted to permit an ever growing scope of services to be provided by telehealth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the conditions for expansion of telehealth. Just in the initial phase of the pandemic, we saw an unprecedented expansion in the use of telehealth solutions. These solutions are assisting providers directly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the virus. Telehealth is also being used in care that is unrelated to the virus. From this perspective the use of telehealth cuts the need for an office visit and potential risk of picking up the virus. It also takes some of the strain off the health care system by triage of cases so only those that have a predetermined need for facility services arrive at the door.

Some of the types of telehealth related matters that Ruder Ware has handled include establishment of a telehealth-based satellite delivery system for a hospital system, creation of telehealth policies and procedures, a variety of telehealth provider employment and service agreements, telehealth technology provider agreements, fraud and abuse issues raised by telehealth services, obtained approval of telehealth program in multiple states, structured behavioral health telehealth program.

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