Joint Commission COVID-19 Resources

Joint Commission COVID-19The Joint Commission, one of the nation’s top accreditation organizations for health care providers, has published a variety of useful resources for health care organizations.  The resources provide some excellent coverage and are useful for all providers who are facing the Coronavirus pandemic.  The Joint Commission says that its goal in creating the resource page is to support health care professionals and organizations on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Perhaps the biggest highlight of general application is the Joint Commissions “Real Voices. Real Stories.”  The Real Voices includes stories from a variety of front-line health care workers. 

You can download a PDF file of “Real Voices. Real Stories” at the following link: Real Voices PDF Download

Some of the stories in the “Real Voices” section include coverage of a Joint Commission Life Safety Coach Surveyor  and an emergency department nurse at one of the largest hospitals in Chicago, among others.

The Joint Commission website includes a variety of other resources.   The Joint Commission does not have the largest list of resources.  Instead, the Joint Commission’s goal is to attempt to cut through the deluge of information on the COVID-19 virus and provide “only the information that best meets the needs of health care workers and leaders.”

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